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SALFARM DANMARK A/S is a Danish incorporated company with a formal share capital of one million Danish kroner, established in 1979, an independent, Danish owned and self-financing company. In 2010 Salfarm Scandinavia AB was established in Sweden and in 2016 Salfarm Scandinavia AS was established in Norway.

SALFARM operates under the EU GMP/GDP guidelines and is regularly inspected by the Danish Medicines Agency, the Inspection Service.

SALFARM has its own buildings, incorporating warehouse-, refrigerated warehouse-, shipping - and office facilities.

SALFARM has since 1981 been an exclusive distributor of veterinary vaccines for the pig industry and of other veterinary products. In addition Salfarm markets an OTC line of products, including a line of medical equipments.

SALFARM cooperates with its suppliers in arranging Danish studies and field trials as required for licensing or marketing purposes.

SALFARM has a lean and effective professional organization which includes an EU qualified person to handle regulatory affairs and pharmaceutical activities.

SALFARM works on the basis of a professional marketing strategy supplemented by a rolling 12-month forecasting of sales.

SALFARM has long standing contacts in the veterinary community - and with institutes, universities and authorities internationally. Salfarm sponsors relevant veterinary events.


  • To meet the users expectations through expertise in quality, design and marketing

  • To be innovative

  • To be the best within our business area

See our Wholesale Dealer's Authorisation regarding Medicinal Products within the EC/EEA. Salfarm Danmark A/S also has a Manufacturer’s/Importer’s Authorisation regarding Veterinary Medicinal Products.

PigsPigs (5)
CattleCattle (5)
SheepSheep (5)
GoatsGoats (4)
HorsesHorses (3)
DogsDogs (1)
CatsCats (1)
PoultryPoultry (3)
PigeonsPigeons (3)
MinkMink (4)
FishFish (1)
Medical equipmentMedical equipment (13)
Other productsOther products (1)

Salfarm Danmark A/S
Fabriksvej 21
DK-6000 Kolding

Tel.: +45 75 52 94 13
Fax: +45 75 50 80 80
E-mail: sal@salfarm.dk

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